10 people died in a house fire at Seri Patan in Kohistan

کوہستان میں سیری پٹن کے مقام پر گھر میں آتشزدگی

A terrible fire broke out in a house at Seri Patan in Kohistan district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, as a result of which 10 people, including a woman and children, died.

Farman Ali, the spokesman of Rescue 1122 in Lower Kohistan, says that a terrible fire broke out in a wooden house due to a short circuit early on Friday, when all the residents were sleeping.

He further said that due to the fire, the roofs of the house collapsed and the residents were buried under the debris, as a result of which 10 people died while 3 others were injured. had taken over.

Rescue officials said it was dark when rescue efforts were launched, which made it difficult to retrieve bodies and the injured.

Farman Ali said that, however, the bodies of all the people were recovered while three injured people were shifted to Roll Health Center in Seri Patan.

He further said that 8 buffaloes also died in this incident, local people also participated in the rescue efforts.


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