China has paid the right of friendship, the rulers are still slaves of imperialism: Sheikh Rasheed

شیخ رشید

The head of Awami Muslim League and former federal minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed says that China has paid its right to friendship, yet the rulers have become slaves of imperialism.

In a statement on social media website Twitter, Sheikh Rasheed has said that Pakistan’s case is not on the agenda in the Executive Board of the IMF, politicians are stuck in video audio. The 90-day caretaker chief minister is inaugurating the 9-year development works. An additional surcharge of 3 and a half rupees per unit has been imposed on electricity, if efforts are made to run away from the election, the theory of necessity will be born. The survival of the country is only in the election.

The former federal minister said that the president had given the date of April 30 for the elections, the decision of the PDM consultations has not come out yet, the treasury is empty even for the poor pilgrims, now those with dollars will be able to perform Hajj, China has helped Pakistan in times of trouble. have paid the right of friendship with yet the rulers have become slaves of the empire.

He has further said that elections are held on April 30 or there are more love tests.


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