Contempt of court petition filed against Imran Khan in Lahore High Court

لاہور ہائیکورٹ میں عمران خان کے خلاف توہین عدالت کی درخواست دائر

3 petitions were filed in Lahore High Court against Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaf and former Prime Minister Imran Khan for contempt of court proceedings.

According to reports, petitions were filed in the Lahore High Court on behalf of Basheer Ahmed Chauhan, Mishkoor Hussain, Naeem Qamar Advocate.

In the petition filed in the Lahore High Court, the position has been taken that Imran Khan was guilty of insulting the judiciary by entering the courts with groups, the former prime minister was guilty of popularizing the practice of bullying and forcibly taking decisions in his favor in the country.

In the contempt of court petition, it was further said that Imran Khan was guilty of trying to divide the judiciary by using the decisions in his favor for the same benefit.

It was said in the petition that Imran Khan was guilty of making the verdicts against him controversial on social media, his followers rioted in Lahore High Court and Islamabad High Court according to the plan to save the accused Imran Khan from court appearance.

In the petition, it was requested that the court take contempt of court proceedings against Imran Khan


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