Dissolve the National Assembly and hold general elections in 72 hours: Sheikh Rasheed

شیخ رشید

Awami Muslim League chief and former federal minister Sheikh Rasheed has demanded that within 72 hours the National Assembly should be dissolved and general elections should be held in the country.

Sheikh Rasheed in a statement on the social media website Twitter said that Imran Khan has given an important statement of amnesty and willingness to compromise, now within 72 hours the National Assembly should be dissolved and elections should be held for the National and Provincial Assemblies.

Sheikh Rasheed has said that Maulana Fazlur Rehman is going to make his relative the Governor a scapegoat. If Governor KP does not have time to open the Supreme Court order, then Article 6 is not too far away.

Former federal minister said that Asif Zardari is ready for elections, but Maulana Fazlur Rehman and Shahbaz Sharif are running away from the elections, the shadow of evil is growing over the country, this should not be the theory of necessity, let the genie come out of the bottle and all hands Keep meeting.

Sheikh Rasheed said that now the dollar holders will perform Hajj and Pakistani rupees will fall in line, Pakistan, Egypt and Sri Lanka have come in a line, the Executive Board of the IMF has not kept the case of Pakistan in the schedule, and Neither any neighboring country is willing to help Pakistan, Bilawal and Shahbaz are visiting aimlessly.

The head of Awami Muslim League further said that the entire nation stands with the Supreme Court, more important decisions will come from the High Court, the drunken rulers in the halls of power will eat 100 shoes and 100 onions, and will also hold elections.


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