Harun failed to give a date for the PFF elections as the NC lacks a mandate.

Harun failed to give a date for the PFF elections as the NC lacks a mandate.

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Football Federation Normalization Committee Chairman Haroon Malik has failed to give a date for the country’s football governing body elections, saying it is not possible to complete the election process before the NC term ends on June 30. Is.

Addressing a press conference along with Inter-Provincial Coordination Minister Ehsanur Rahman Mazari, Haroon announced that the district football association elections will be held on May 15.

“In the first phase, we are conducting district association elections,” he said without giving a date for the PFF governing body elections.

He confirmed that the mandate of the FIFA-approved NC would expire in June this year, but it was not possible to hold elections before then.

The constitution is clear regarding the elections of the Football Federation. Eight departments and four provinces have voting rights for the process.

Moreover, he added that the Ministry of IPC is providing full support to PFFNC to conduct the elections.

IPC Minister Mazari, who last week gave Haroon a seven-day ultimatum to announce the date of the elections, said FIFA withheld funds from the PFF for failing to hold the elections.

He said that we want PFF elections as soon as possible, adding that he wants to promote sports in the country.

It should be noted that football affairs in Pakistan are in crisis since 2015 in the absence of an elected body. FIFA appointed a normalization committee in September 2019 to get the country’s football back on track. FIFA also suspended the membership of the PFF for a period of 15 months after the normalization committee was thrown out of office.

FIFA’s suspension was only lifted in June last year and the NC’s mandate was extended by one year after it regained control of the PFF in May.


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