I will not bow down to anyone and will not let the workers bow down: Imran Khan

 عمران خان

Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and former Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that he has not bowed down to any person or organization except Allah and will not allow his workers to bow down.

Addressing the party leaders at his residence in Zaman Park, Imran Khan said that I am not bowing down to anyone, nor will I let you bow down, today I am seeing a crowd becoming a nation, today is the worst time for Pakistan Yes, the economy has sunk.

Imran Khan demanded that my Tosha Khana case be heard on TV, I am former Prime Minister and I have been assassinated, my life is in danger, my lawyer will write a letter to the Chief Justice.

Imran Khan said that the person sitting in London is deciding who will become the army chief, Imran Khan did not make cases against these thieves who are sitting above, Ishaq Dar and Nawaz Sharif’s sons ran away during the PML-N period, Maryam. Nawaz’s brother admitted on TV Alhamdulillah these flats are ours, today Maryam Nawaz is roaming around the country like Queen Elizabeth.

Chairman PTI said that this is our real freedom war, Pakistan is going through the worst situation today, the poor has been drowned in the highest inflation in history.

He said that he was watching the conditions of the jail like the score of a cricket match, when the workers were in the jail, they were getting news every now and then, those who were imposed on the country, their money is lying outside, Shahbaz Sharif has 16 billion rupees. was going to be punished in the case, General Retired Bajwa saved this person and made him the Prime Minister, the person who saved Shehbaz Sharif is General Retired Bajwa.

Imran Khan alleged that the interior minister is the biggest criminal, there is no crime that the interior minister has not committed, Asif Zardari who is sitting back and playing this whole game is the recognized thief of the world, a fugitive sitting in London. He is making the decisions of the country, the Prime Minister is asking for money but people are rejecting him, when these people go out, they are told every single thing.


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