In KP, the University has banned sitting or standing of combined sexes

In KP, the university banned sitting or standing with girls and boys

To prevent any “unpleasant incidents”, Gomal University in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) has banned mixed-gender meetings and couples on its campus. The university issued a notice stating that male and female students cannot congregate anywhere inside or outside the department’s grounds, including lawns or roadways.

Female students were also advised by the university administration to be cautious and stay confined to their lecture halls and common areas of the department.

The institution has warned that any student who violates the rules will face serious consequences. The administration claims that this move will create a safer and more secure environment for the female students.

It is worth noting that the Institute of Computing and Information Technology (ICIT) department of the university fined two students Rs. 5,000 last year for playing music in class. According to the then chairman of the department, students were listening to music on portable speakers in the university classrooms, which was disrupting the ongoing lectures in the department.

The chairman noted that even after being directed to stop playing music several times, the students failed to comply, resulting in the imposition of fines.


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