Kurulus Osman Episode 115 (Season 4 Episode 17) In Urdu Subtitles

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Kurulus Osman Episode 115 (Season 4 Episode 17) Urdu Subtitles Free Of Cost

Osman I or Osman Ghazi (Ottoman Turkish: Romaji notation:ʿOsmanĠāzī; Turkish: Osman or Osmangazi; died 1323/4) [1] [3] Sometimes archaically written Osman, founder of the Ottoman Empire (originally Osman he was known as Beylik or Emirate) was. Osman was a small Turkmen [6] principality during his lifetime, but his descendants turned into a world empire centuries after his death [7]. It existed until shortly after the end of World War I.

Kurulus Osman Episode 115 Summary

Kurulus Osman Episode 115, Konur tells what Olof did withinside the fort and says that some of the guards have been treacherous. Osman says that he thinks Ismihan is innocent in this matter. A short time later, Osman receives a message from Konya. Osman says that Nayman came to the palace with a large navy. Malhun asks how many humans are in Nayman’s army. Osman says that the army consists of forty thousand humans, and he has to make a plan to save you them.

Ismihan believes what Olof says or maybe says that she may be capable of help him. Turgut includes the tribe and tells them what befell in Inegol. Osman asks Turgut to stay calm and asks him to make certain the protection of the border area. Bayindir congratulates Oktem and asks him what to do about the approaching Mongolian danger. While Oktem says he is worried, Ismihan comes.

Yakup says that he is going to now now not allow Osman to get stronger and that he is going to cope with this problem together with Ismihan. Yakup prepares many affords for Nayman and sends them to Konya. Ulgen and Cerkutay manage to enter the city. Cerkutay tries to silence the little boy withinside the house and then runs farfar from the house. Avci talks to Esma and asks her to harm Osman’s children. Esma secretly locations poison on Aladdin’s sword.

Ismihan asks Frigg to be very careful about Olof. Ismihan then sends a message to the Sultan and asks him to deliver a letter to the Beys. Osman gadgets out collectively alongside together along with his pals and begins offevolved offevolved to rest in a cave. Olof prepares presents for Nayman and asks them to head away immediately.

Olof orders the monks and nuns in Kopruhisar to go back lower back to the city. Bayindir first goes to Candar and gives him a chest of gold. Shopivor offers a big sort of products from Women Clothes to Baby, Kids Toys, Shoes, , Home Improvements, Electronics, Kitchen and dinning and plenty more. Enjoy best products, unbeatable prices, and speedy delivery – all from the comfort of your home

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 115 Urdu Subtitles

Download Kurulus Osman Episode 115 Urdu Subtitles

The Kurulus Osman Episode 115 release date is expected to be in September-October 2022. Kurulus Osman Episode 115 will be broadcast in Turkish on the ATV channel. Kurulus Osman Episode 115 in Turkish can be accessed by clicking here. For those of you who understand Turkish, you can watch Kurulus Osman Episode 115 even later by clicking here, but the ATV Youtube channel will upload the episode later.



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