Students protest against Comsetes University against incest quiz incident

The Muslim Students Organization (MSO) protested outside the Higher Education Commission (HEC) against the highly objectionable question asked in the English paper at Comsetes University Islamabad.

A large number of students participated in the demonstration. The students who participated in the protest raised slogans against Comsetes University and HEC.

Addressing the demonstration, the speakers said that Western invasion of educational institutions is the result of administrative negligence.

Protesters said the paper violated the sanctity of the sibling relationship. The question asked in the paper has hurt the students. He also demanded that the controversial questioner’s name be included in the ECL.

The protesters demanded that such a controversial person should be arrested immediately. If the administration does not take immediate action, the protest will spread across the country.

Over the weekend, Comcitus University Islamabad came under fire for asking students to write an essay on brother-sister adultery.

The quiz was originally held in December last year and within days of the incident, the university blacklisted the professor involved from future employment. Later, the Ministry of Science and Technology intervened and asked for a report on the matter.

What happened in Comset University was shocking and unbearable for the Pakistani residents and it has triggered the pakistani community for protest against this vulgur quiz being asked to the students.


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