The situation of the country is getting serious, election is the only solution: Sheikh Rasheed

شیخ رشید

The head of Awami Muslim League and former federal minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed says that the situation in the country is becoming serious and dire, election is the only solution.

In a statement on the social networking site Twitter, Sheikh Rasheed has said that the PDM parties are going to fight the election on their respective symbols. They have accepted defeat mentally and want to disrupt the election.

The former federal minister says that tomorrow Imran Khan will start his election campaign in Lahore, I will also accompany him.

He has further said that the KP Governor has to look at the constitution and law more than Fazlur Rahman’s kinship. The Supreme Court has clearly asked the Election Commission and KPK Governor to give the election date, the arrest of Imran Khan will make him politically stronger and more popular.


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