The struggle to restore life in the liberated cities of Azerbaijan continues

آذربائیجان کے آزاد کرائے گئے شہروں میں زندگی کی بحالی کے لیے جدوجہد جاری

The government of Azerbaijan is currently working to restore life in the liberated areas by rebuilding civic amenities, religious, historical and recreational sites, as well as water reservoirs.

Foreign media representatives visiting Azerbaijan to attend the Non-Aligned Movement’s Contact Group summit held in Baku on March 2 were taken to various cities in Azerbaijan, which the Azerbaijani army has marked in 2020, 30 years of Armenian occupation. Later he was released.

The government of Azerbaijan is carrying out rehabilitation work in the city of Shusha, once a mountain tourist destination and cultural center that has now become desolate due to major destruction during the aforementioned period.

During the site visit, officials told the media that the restoration of the 150-year-old Ghazanchi Church and two historic mosques is in progress.

Journalists were also given a guided tour of the newly constructed Fuzuli International Airport, which was built within eight months in 2021 to meet the urgent needs of relief supplies as well as the influx of foreign delegates.

After Fazuli, Zangilan International Airport is slated to open in 2022, and Lachen International Airport is also in the pipeline in the Karabakh region.

Heavy machinery was engaged in rehabilitating a large water reservoir at Fazuli which was a major source of irrigation for the area, which is famous for its agricultural production.

The area is undergoing massive tree planting to restore its green appearance as well as economic activity. While on one side, there were remnants of Fuzuli’s former city center, across the street, the ongoing construction of nearly 1,000 residential apartments was emerging as a beacon of hope for the displaced population looking to return to their homelands. She was waiting impatiently.

Amidst all the massive reconstruction activities, the major challenge of clearing the area of ​​nearly one million mines still exists as the government diverts a large portion of its funds for the purpose.

The media representatives were also given a visit to Lachan Khankandi Road.

Truck convoys of Russian peacekeepers carrying relief supplies were also seen moving towards their designated supply points.

On the same street, a group of Azerbaijani civil society representatives had been peacefully protesting for nearly three months against the illegal exploitation of mineral deposits in Azerbaijani territories, where Russian peacekeepers are temporarily stationed.

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