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5 Days of Special Lahore-Rawalpindi Train Delays

The introduction of two new trains between Lahore and Rawalpindi has been postponed by Pakistan Railways (PR) for five days.

The first new train was supposed to debut at 7:30 PM on September 5 while the second train was supposed to leave for service on September 6. The Rawalpindi and Lahore stations were directed to cancel the launch by PR in a recent notice.

According to media sources, the delay was caused by a shortage of passengers and a high fuel price. The service’s operating schedule, fare prices, and other specifics have not yet been disclosed by PR.

To aid tourists, the government just announced the launch.

The officials highlighted that the trains will include two air-conditioned business class bogeys, two standard AC bogeys, five economy class bogeys, and a power van.

Suspension of Operations

The department also suspended its passenger train operations between Nawabshah and Rohri due to flood-induced devastation.

Officials stated that the flood water will drain in the next 10 days, which would allow for the track repairs and eventual resumption of operations. They added that the freight van operations have been resumed on a few tracks at a steady pace of 10-20 kilometers per hour.

PR also announced the suspension of five express trains on the Main Line-1 (ML-1) a few days ago until the rehabilitation of tracks. It notified the passengers to visit their nearest PR office to seek refunds for their pre-booked tickets.

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