After 7 years, the Supreme Court issues a ruling in the PTV harassment case

Athar Farooq Battar, a former news director for Pakistan Television (PTV), was found guilty of sexual harassment of women and given a pecuniary penalty by the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

All of the evidence in the harassment case went against the offender, Athar Farooq, according to Justice Mansoor Ali Shah’s eight-page detailed ruling; as a result, he must now pay Rs. 500,000 to each of the victims as a punishment.

But because Athar Farooq Buttar is now retired and residing in Canada, the Supreme Court ruled that if he doesn’t pay the fine on time, it will be given to the victims on his land.

The incident came to light in 2016 when five PTV female employees filed a complaint with the Supreme Court against Controller Incharge, Athar Farooq Buttar, for harassing them with the promise of PTV jobs.

In the detailed verdict, Justice Mansoor Ali lauded the Women’s Workplace Harassment Protection Bill 2022 for granting every gender the right to file a complaint about such incidents.

It is important to note that Pakistan’s parliament earlier this year passed the Protection Against Harassment of Women at Workplace (Amendment) Act, which was a revolutionary move.

According to the written verdict, the law will support women’s and transgender people’s freedoms because these are their constitutional rights, and it will also give women a secure environment free from threats and harassment.

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