AlpArslan Episode 43 Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

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AlpArslan Episode 43 Urdu Subtitles Free of cost

The Release date of Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 43 is set for 2023. If you want to watch Alparslan Episode 43 with no ads and permanent access, then You may watch Alparslan Episode 43 (Alparslan The Great Seljuk) Series with English Subtitles by subscribing Free membership on Top20Series in 1080 resolution and you can even download full series with one-click and watch anywhere (TV and big screens) and any time offline.

AlpArslan was the second Sultan of the Seljuk Empire and the great-grandson of the Seljuks, founders of the dynasty of the same name. He greatly expanded the Seljuk territory, defeated rivals to the south and northwest to consolidate his power, and ushered in the Turkmen settlement of Anatolia with his victory over the Byzantines at the Battle of Manzikert in 1071. Due to his military prowess and combat prowess, he was given his name Alp Arslan, which means “heroic lion” in Turkish.

AlpArslan Episode 43 Summary

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 43 Celal secretly leaves the palace. Grus asks where his father is and he says he wants to see him. Seferiye asks her Gulce not to question Yusuf. Gulce becomes very unhappy and starts crying. Flora leaves her room for the first time in a while and goes to church to pray. The priest sees Flora crying.

Alparslan calls on the rebels to surrender. Rebel Turkmen attack Alperslan, but lose the battle after a while. While Oke is praying for her husband, Kutarmis arrives. Qtarmis says he is innocent. The Sultan rewards the trusted Turkmen and finally forgives the rebels. Alparslan now dislikes Sultan’s choice and purpose. The Sultan now asked Alperslan not to oppose him and ordered the Turkmen to show him the new lands.

Alparslan says his son’s name he is Melik Shah and prays for him. The Lord comes while Rasul says he should go to the palace. The Lord said he was sorry for Inar’s death and now wants to cooperate with Kutarmis. Qutarmis says he doesn’t want to mess with the pagans now, but gets Grigor’s attention. To convince Kutarmis, the Lord says Seral is the son of Altunkan.

Suleiman said he accepted Alparslan’s plan and would soon turn Surmali into a fortress. Kutarmis goes to the palace and starts talking to Tugrul. Kutarmis regrets Inar’s death. Tughrul thanks Kutalmis for now he doesn’t support Yinal. Qutarmis says that the Sultan must declare an heir. The Sultan cannot understand this request from Qtarmis. Kutarmis has so far been trusted by the Sultan, but his modern successor must be someone who can unite the Turkmen.

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ڈانلوڈ لنک شام کو

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