Another Drone Technology Milestone is Reached in Pakistan

This is not Pakistan’s first successful attempt at anything similar in the field of drone technology. Through the development of Pakistan’s first autonomous drone and participation in numerous international competitions and exhibitions, a group of undergraduate students from NUST earlier in August brought honour to their country. They excelled in a number of international competitions and astounded everyone with their inventiveness and commitment.

As part of their academic assignments, students Muhammad Hassan Khan, Hafiz Hamza Jalil Qureshi, Ali Shair Muhammad Bhutta, Muhammad Taaha Rana, and many others collaborate to building these drones. These drones were built in 2016 by mechanical engineering majors at CEME who were in their fourth year of school.

They entered their creation into national technical competitions as soon as it was complete, and they started receiving prizes. They became well-known as a result. Then, they took part in the 2018 IMechE UAS Challenge, which was hosted in the UK, making their debut on a global scale. They continued to regularly compete in numerous more international competitions after they won that tournament.

The group has been recognised with nine international awards since 2018 and has represented Pakistan all around the world. One of these is the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Challenge 2021, which also includes a prize for the highest level of safety. The judges of the contest also provided comments, praising the team’s creativity and common sense and saying that they had ultimately done their country proud.

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