Dengue virus grips Karachi, infects 403 in 24 hours

A dengue virus patient from Karachi rests on a hospital bed covered with a mosquito net. — AFP/File

KARACHI: At least 403 people in Karachi have been diagnosed with dengue virus  in the last 24 hours, Sindh’s health department said on Friday.

Dengue virus patients continue to increase in the port city at an alarming rate with 192 people diagnosed a day before, the health department shared.

The most number of cases in Karachi have been reported in district east, where 116 patients have been infected by the virus.

Reported cases from Korangi reached 107, Central 72, South 61, Malir 26, West 12, and Kaemari recorded nine patients of the virus.

The number of dengue patients in the city within the past month has now reached 2,145.

A day ago, Sindh’s Health Minister Dr Azra Pechuho said at least 100-150 daily infections of the disease are being reported in the port city.

Talking to journalists, Pechuho said that out of a total of 3,830 dengue cases reported in Sindh so far this year, 3,434 infections were detected in Karachi alone.

Since the start of 2022, nine people have died of the vector-borne viral disease, she added.

The provincial health minister said that the bed occupancy at the hospitals has reached 80-85% amid the recent spike in dengue cases.

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