Famous YouTuber Zubair Chinioti’s channel has been hacked

Famous YouTuber Zubair Chiniotty Bhai’s channel has been hacked. His demotivational state and suffering made us all feel sad and insecure about our future as YouTubers. Similarly, Haseeb Shafqat Bhai from Hussi TV also spoke about how their channel was hacked. Is this the future of Pakistani YouTubers?

Famous YouTuber Zubair Chinioti's channel has been hacked

You work hard for years and one hacker letter blows everything away. We are the earners of Pakistan, if we are not protected, very soon Pakistanis will only be selling massages on YouTube. The government of Pakistan should make an emergency plan to protect Pakistani YouTubers.

To support Zubair bhai, retweet his tweet now, the link given below can help bring back his channel.

Future of YouTuber in Pakistan. ?

Becoming a successful YouTuber requires as much hard work and dedication as in any other field. YouTube does not demand a degree from us. But he asks for qualifications. Up researcher, tech, master, actor, singer. be anything But you should have the ability to keep people tied.

You can’t even imagine how hard a true YouTuber goes to reach this level. How many days and nights does he stay awake? accesses many sensitive Internet sites or fights sleep in the studio at two in the morning to be the first to report a piece of tech news.

He is one of the few types of people who plays an important role in improving the country’s economy and bringing foreign capital to Pakistan instead of being a burden on the country. . Pakistani YouTubers have played the most important role in increasing tourism, entrepreneurship, product manufacturing, and showing thousands of new economic opportunities in Pakistan.

But what does the Pakistani government do for YouTubers? ? Nothing …. In recent days, the channels of many important YouTubers have been hacked day in and day out, and there is no official YouTube office in Pakistan to recover them. In contrast, every social media company in India has a sales office which minimizes the risk of hacking.

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