For a further 10 days, Pakistan Railways will suspend passenger trains

Due to several rails being submerged under flood water from Nawabshah to Rohri, Pakistan Railway (PR) will continue to prohibit passenger train operations.

PR representatives informed the media that the flood waters would recede within the following 10 days, allowing for repairs and eventually the restoration of operations. They continued by saying that freight van operations had restarted on a few tracks, although at a modest 10 to 20 km/hr pace.

Loss From the Flood

A recent report revealed that PR has been suffering losses worth around Rs. 100 million each day due to the relentless monsoon rains and the consequent floods all over the country.

A senior PR official stated that the rain and floods have ruined several railway tracks, bringing the countrywide operations to a grinding halt.

The department announced the suspension of five express trains on the Main Line-1 (ML-1) a few days ago until the rehabilitation of tracks. It notified the passengers to visit their nearest PR office to seek refunds for their pre-booked tickets.

New Portions

According to Federal Minister for Railways and Aviation Saad Rafique, PR will receive 230 new passenger coaches by December 2022. These coaches will reportedly include a number of contemporary conveniences and be capable of speeds of up to 160 kilometres per hour.

According to the PR spokeswoman, the department will initially import 46 contemporary passenger coaches from China and manufacture 184 additional coaches at the Carriage Factory in Islamabad. Similar to how PR will first produce 620 vans locally and import 200 cargo vans.

He added that each passenger coach will have 80 compartments for the economy and air-conditioned class, 30 parlor cars, and 20 vans each for luggage and braking.

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