From October 24 onward, some iPhones won’t work with WhatsApp

The messaging service WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, states on its help page that all iPhones will no longer be able to use the app; instead, it will only be compatible with iPhones running iOS 11 and iOS 10. Only two iPhone models, the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5c, are currently in production and are capable of running iOS 10 and iOS 11. Starting on October 24, you won’t be able to use WhatsApp on your iPhone if you own one of these older iPhone models.

The iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 users, however, will continue to be able to use WhatsApp for the time being, and they will be informed if their iPhones stop supporting the Meta-owned instant messaging service.

Apple iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C are not compatible with iOS 12, so the users would not be able to use WhatsApp as the new changes will start rolling out. A report claimed that Apple is expected to reveal iOS 16 in the 2022 next month, and it will be rolled out later this year, possibly around the time the company launches the iPhone 14 series.

In the help page article that Watsapp recently posted it said;

“To keep up with the latest advances in tech, we routinely stop supporting older operating systems to point our resources to supporting the latest ones. If we stop supporting your operating system, you’ll be notified and reminded a few times to upgrade your device to continue using WhatsApp.”

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