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Germany Launches the First Fully Hydrogen-Powered Train in the World

Germany now offers the first passenger train service in the world powered by hydrogen. Alstom, a French company, is now using its Coradia iLint trains in Lower Saxony, Germany.

According to the company, the only noise produced by their trains is water and steam. It replaced a fleet of 15 diesel-powered locomotives with the initial rollout of 5 trains, and it aims to deploy 9 more the following month.

According to Alstom, these trains have a 1000 km range and can run continuously all day. A hydrogen fueling station has been established by the corporation close to Cuxhaven, Bremerhaven, Bremervorde, and Buxtehude.

The firm will increase its service in a number of areas around Italy, France, and Germany. In the beginning, 27 hydrogen-powered trains will be introduced in the Frankfurt

The company stated that, despite electrification efforts, the majority of Europe’s rail network relies on non-electrified trains. There are over 4,000 diesel-powered vehicles in Germany alone that contribute massively to environmental pollution, it stressed.

Deutsche Bahn, the country’s railways operator, announced in 2020 that it would develop a hydrogen-powered train. The company points out that hydrogen-powered locomotives are the first step in the right direction, given that the complete normalization of electric trains across the continent will take time.

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