Haval & BAIC Production is being Shuts Down by Sazgar in Pakistan

Sazgar Engineering Works Limited (SEWL) has shut down production of Haval and BAIC vehicles in Pakistan for six days due to limited stock availability.

The automobile industry is facing significant challenges as a result of the present economic crisis, and every company is finding it difficult to stay in business.

Sazgar Engineering Works Ltd (SEWL) announced in a notification that it would observe non-production days (NPDs) from February 27 to March 4, 2023.

The company is currently offering two vehicl0s that include the Haval H6 variants and the BAIC BJ40 Plus in Pakistan. Furthermore, SEWL has raised prices for both, BAIC BJ40 Plus and Haval H6 in Pakistan after the Government raised the General Sales Tax (GST) from 17% to 18%.

Here is the company official letter

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