Honda to Launch Special CB125F Bike to Celebrate Independence Day

In honour of Pakistan’s 75th anniversary of independence, Atlas Honda will release a special CB125F motorcycle. Recently, its pictures appeared on social media, sparking discussion among bike lovers.

The limited edition vehicle has a white body and green decals, sporting a white and green colour combination. The standard models are available in red, black, and blue colour schemes.
The remaining characteristics, such as comparable alloy wheels, self-start, front disc brakes with dual-piston callipers, a five-speed transmission, and a generally more angular design than the CG125, are the same as standard models.

According to rumours, Atlas Honda will offer less of the limited-edition CB125F motorcycles for sale. This would make the bike unique, which would also justify a significant price increase over the asking price.

The current price of a normal CB125F is Rs. 273,900, but the price of the limited edition model is yet to be announced.

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