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How Powerful is America – USA? | Most Powerful Nations on Earth

How powerful is America? Estimate America’s power by this notion that that there isn’t even a single country of the world on whom’s land, or border American military base or navy is not present. In the whole world, out of America’s land 800, military bases are located.

How Powerful is America - USA  Most Powerful Nations on Earth

Whereas, the three big powers of the world after America, Russia, France, and Britain These three have a total of 30 military bases. In this way, we come to know about America’s long and strong arms. America’s military budget is 611 billion dollars. This defense budget, after America Seven big powers, China, Russia, France, Britain Saudi Arabia, India, and Germany, is even more than their combined defense budget. In today’s world, the aircraft carrier is considered as a very immense military power.

Alone America, has 11 aircraft carriers. Whereas, after America, the world’s other big powers Russia, China, France, and Britain, all of these do not have more than 2 aircraft carriers. America’s political influence is also widespread in the world. This is because, that in the United Nations’ most powerful body the security council, America has veto power. The world’s three big organizations, UN, NATO, and World Bank cannot manage without American aid. That is why, these three organizations are under America’s influence.

How Powerful is America

How Powerful is America

America gives military and economic aid to a big part of the world, according to it’s needs. Because of which, these countries and their geography remain under it’s influence. Even in educational and research areas, America is far ahead of the world. 17 of the world’s top universities are in America. Silicon valley, the place where technology originates, is in America’s state of California.

This is the place where the world’s brightest minds come to seek knowledge, experience, or money. Or the world’s brightest minds are brought here on profitable packages. Big organizations such as Facebook, Google, Apple, and Microsoft are located in Silicon valley. In terms of finance, America’s economy, with 18.57 trillion dollars is the largest economy of the world.


China’s number is after America, but Chinese economy is less 7 trillion dollars as compared to America. Even in terms of resources, America is so prosperous that the world’s most, and best coal is found in American soil. And America also has the most amount of oil reserves in 10th place. America makes the world’s most advanced technology and manufactures the most expensive products. That is why, America’s has a first world profile.

Whereas, it’s counterpart countries Russia and China, have a third world profile. America’s power is it’s successful and historical democracy, which hasn’t downgraded in two centuries. This is the reason, that with time, America’s constitutions continuously became sovereign and powerful. Hollywood’s propaganda power, and the understanding of the English language in the whole world is also America’s strength.

In terms of America’s geography, it is located in the best location in the world. Where the sea of thousands of kilometers at it’s east and west, acts as a strategic depth for America. At it’s north, America has the best of the best relations with Canada. Whereas in the south, America’s relations with Mexico are not so bad, that it’s soil would be used against America.

USA  Most Powerful Nations on Earth

So, in short, America is the world’s only superpower, but in order to maintain it’s superpower status America will need to consecutively increase it’s exports. In order to increase it’s exports, America will have to continuously modernize it’s products. To bring this modernization, it would require the world’s brightest minds, and in all of this continuity, even if a tad is left out then America’s superpower status can fall in to danger.

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