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How Powerful is India? | Most Powerful Nations on Earth

How powerful is India? India is the 2nd most populous country in the world China’s population is 1.4 billion and India’s population is more than 1.33 billion India’s biggest strength is its population, and its biggest weakness is also its huge population its population is so huge that you will find Indian to the every country of world But due to this huge population, basic needs such as electricity, water, education,

How Powerful is India  Most Powerful Nations on Earth

even toiletries has become a major challenge for the Indian government Due to its huge population, a yearly average income is just $ 1614 While Bangladesh’s per capita income is $ 1610 and Pakistan’s per capita yearly income is $ 1629 As for as India’s defense is concerned, India has the fourth largest army in the world India is ranked fourth in the international power rank,

while China is ranked as 3rd and Pakistan as 11th After the United States, China, Saudi Arabia and Russia, India is the country that spends most on its military power India’s defense budget is $ 52.5 billion let us know for reference that Pakistan’s Defense Budget is less than ten billion dollars India is the world’s 6th nuclear power And it also has self made missile defense system Apart from this, India is also preparing its Fighter Jets.

How Powerful is India?


The Indian experts claim about its TEJA fighter jets That they are 4th generation’s fighter aircrafts India also has 2 aircrafts carriers Many government organizations are working for India’s self reliance in weaponry But India’s dream of self reliance in defense is far away India is the seventh largest economy in the world Its GDP is $ 2200 billion Indian economy Depends on agriculture and its fast growing IT industry Indian Film Industry Bollywood also plays an important role.

in spreading the positive image of India globally India is the only country in the world, where more than 180 million people are living below the poverty line Poverty elimination is the biggest challenge for the Indian economy But according to the World Bank report, the number of people below the poverty line decreasing every year South Asia is the cradle of the world’s most ancient civilizations That is why India have become attractive tourist attraction due to its historical buildings,

Powerful is India

beautiful valleys and cultural diversity. Every year, 10 million tourists visit India Politically India’s relations with superpower US and EU are very good But India’s continued bad relations with China and Pakistan are a major weakness in the global political scenario Due to which India can not get a permanent membership of the Security Council and Nuclear Supplier’s Group India’s biggest problems are unresolved disputes of Maoist states.

Powerful is India  Most Powerful Nations

in east and Kashmir in north west In short, India is an important economic and political global power It has potential to play an important role in global issues But India’s biggest weakness is its bad relation with neighbors like Pakistan and China.

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