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How Powerful is Russia? | Most Powerful Nations on Earth

Today, in the 21st century, when no country can occupy any other- Russia is the only country that attacks, occupies neighboring areas, and then retains them. Russia has occupied Crimea in Ukraine and Abkhazia and South Ossetia in Georgia.

How Powerful is Russia  Most Powerful Nations on Earth

The missile defense shield is being installed in Europe due to the risk of the Russian nuclear missiles. Russia is so expert in technology that the Americans see Moscow’s hand behind Trump’s success. So what is so important about Russia that the Western countries are so scared of it. Everyone knows Russia is very big, but how big? It is so big that when people on the west side of Russia are leaving their beds- the people at the eastern edge are eating their dinner. So think about the planet Pluto. Russia’s area is bigger than this planet.

It is so big that it can accommodate 5 India, 21 Pakistan and 115 Bangladesh. Not just the area, but it also has the 6th largest oil reserves in the world. Russia has largest gas reserves In the world. Europe receives 40% of its gas supply from Russia. If Russia stops the gas supply, there will be devastating effects on Europe’s industry and social life. But the countries such as Finland, which totally depend on Russia’s gas will lose their industry.

Despite the natural gas and oil-riches, it is a tragedy for Russia that its population is very small. Its population is so small compared to the area- If the government gives every 10 citizens a square kilometer area, lot of land will still be spared. Russia’s biggest problem is due to its huge geography. 66% of its population lives in the 25% area of the country. While the remaining 34% population lives in the 80% area.

Due to this, the problem is that the vast majority of Russia’s resources is spent in this area. The eastern part contributes to the domestic economy with its natural resources. But it does not get resources according to its contribution. Russia has been trying to overcome the problem for centuries. In the world history, it is a strange fact that the country’ with powerful navy becomes wealthy and powerful.

Because there is no less expensive trade route than sea. But the problem of Russia is that it is covered with snow in the north, where trade is not possible. But if it uses its eastern port Vladivostok, it is covered with snow for most part of a year. Even when there is snow the trade is not without danger. Because Russian ships have to move through the sea controlled by Japan.

And Japan is a strong ally of the US and NATO, these nations are not friendly to the Russians. We have told you this in the videos of Germany, France and Turkey – that the Western countries had formed the NATO alliance to defend themselves against Russia. If Russia attacks a single European country, all the NATO countries, including the United States, will fight it.

How Powerful is Russia?


If Russia uses its western port of Novorossiysk for trade- So the same problem, this port also remains covered with snow for most part of a year – trade is impossible. But even if there is no snow, the sea around this port is not deep and the area is so narrow. So this is also not an ideal sea port for a big country like Russia. Further, Russian ships from this part have to pass through Turkey- And Turkey is also a member of the NATO military alliance. Russia has now improved relations with Turkey.

But as long as Turkey is a member of the NATO, this problem will remain. The third way is Saint Petersburg, but it is also covered with snow in the winter. And the ships from this port also have to go through Denmark, which is also a NATO country. Now you see there are so many problems with the Russian trade routes. But despite all these problems, Russia is the 12th largest economic power of the world.

According to the IMF, the GDP of Russia was $1527 Billion in 2017. Which is about five times more than Pakistan’s $ 300 Billion. In comparison to Russia, the GDP of the US is $19, 391 Billion. China stands at $12015 Billion, India’s GDP is $2611 Billion while Bangladesh is $261 billion. Despite such a difficult geography, Russia exported products worth $269 Billion to the world in 2017.

And imported products worth $180 Billion. The main part of the Russian exports is minerals. It means the raw material that is extracted from the land. Crude Oil, Refined Oil, Petroleum, Gas, Diamonds and Aluminum are the biggest exports of Russia. That is why Russia imports high technology products- like cars, vehicles’ spare parts, computers, medicines and electronics etc.

But in weapons’ technology Russia competes with the best countries and is only 2nd to the United States. Because the military technology of the United States is matchless. Russian weapons have a demand worldwide. Even the big countries like China and India purchase weapons from Russia. Russia exported weapons to 47 countries from 2013 to 2017.

This arms’ sale is 20% of the total weapons’ export in the world. Largest buyers of the Russian weapons are India, China, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam. On the other hand, during the same period, the United States exported weapons to 98 countries. It was 34% of the total weapons’ sales in the world. Turkey and Saudi Arabia are also making deals with Russia to buy missile defense systems. Iran has also deployed Russia’s S-300 missile defense system.

While India and Russia are finalizing the deal of S-400 missile defense system. Pakistan is also interested in purchasing the Russian Sukhoi planes because the US is not providing F-16s. Russia has recently provided modern “MI 35M” Attack Helicopters to Pakistan. Russia is supporting the Syrian president Basharul Assad in the civil war.

While the US and Saudi Arabia are supporting with the Syrian rebels. Bashar-ul-Assad has regained control over most of the Syrian territory with the help of the Russian air force. The civil war in Syria has proved to be a blessing for Russia’s WAR industry. Moscow has tested more than 200 weapons in Syria. These weapons include “Battle Field Robots” and drones. But there is one weapon that has troubled even the Americans.

And that weapons is T-90 tank. Even missiles can’t destroy this tank. When the Syrian rebels targeted a T-90 tank with a US anti-tank missile, the tank was intact. Do you know how most people died during last 150 years? by nuclear bombs? no, Mosquito biting? No, by sinking in the ocean? no- During last 150 years, most people died because of the Kalashnikov. Maybe there is no such big Russian invention in the WAR industry.

Mikhail Kalashnikov designed this weapon in the middle of the 20th century. It’s so simple and efficient, a gun that has its image in many flags. Kalashnikov is printed on the flags of Mozambique, Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. Russian political strength is also so huge. Russia also has Veto Power in the Security Council – Because of the veto power it’s political strength is equal to the United States.

Russia has vetoed many US and Europe’s resolutions against its Ally Syria in the last few years. Russia is considered invincible due to its huge geography. There are two major reasons for this perception. Russia’s geography is so big and the weather is so cold that no foreign power could ever occupy Russia. Defense experts say 11.3 million soldiers are needed to occupy Russia.

This number is more than the combined force of the 14 largest military powers of the world. And obviously it is only possible in stories. Because whoever attacks Russia, will have to fight more with the Russian weather than the Russian military. The French emperor and the famous conqueror, Napoleon Bonaparte also attacked Russia with 0.6 million troops. But his army lost due to the cold weather.


And it was so badly defeated that the 80% of the army was completely destroyed. And only a hundred thousand troops returned alive in bad condition. In this way, in the 2nd World War, Hitler attacked Russia with about 3.8 million troops. But he could not get victory and even the the return of the German forces became impossible. A million Germans were killed and the rest of them surrendered.

The Russians were about to arrest Hitler- But Hitler committed suicide. And the war became cold like the Russian cold weather. That is why we can say, a major reason for the end of the 2nd World War was the Russian weather. According to Business Insider, Russia is the world’s second largest military power after the US. While China is 3rd, India 4th and Pakistan is the 13th largest military power.

Russia has 7, 66, 000 troops, more than 20,000 tanks, and 3,800 fighter aircrafts. Russia has 7000 nuclear weapons, the highest number in the world. While the United States has 6, 800, China 270- Pakistan 140 and India has 130 nuclear weapons. And we wish nobody ever use these nuclear weapons. Russia’s defence budget was the 4th largest in the world in 2017. Russia spent $66.3 Billion for its military.

While the United States spent $610 Billion, China $228 Billion, India $63.9 Billion- Pakistan spent $8.78 Billion for its military power. Russia is also facing big problems because of its aggressive behaviour. America and Europe have imposed strict sanctions against Russia. Because of the economic sanctions Russia cannot make many international agreement. In response, Russia has also imposed sanctions and damaged the US economy a little bit.

The Russian president Putin has installed nuclear missile near the Polish border- So in response, the United States sent tanks in Poland and established military bases there. Another problem of Russia is that it has occupied the Muslim majority states of Chechnya and Dagestan. Due to which Russia faces guerrilla attacks. Russia’s EU membership was also held on because of Chechnya’s issue.

When Russia occupied Crimea, the international powers expelled it from G8 group. Now this group is called G7. However, Russia is still part of the G20 group. The US, EU, Ukraine and Israel are opponents of Russia. Turkey, Syria, Iran and India are counted as Russia’s friends. Until a few years ago, Pakistan was also considered as Russia’s opponent- But now both countries are conducting joint military exercises and making weapons’ deals.

While Russia is also interested in the Pak-China Economic Corridor (CPEC). So that it could get another port for trade. So Russia is really the 2nd world power after the US because of its natural resources and the modern military. So powerful that if the largest forces in the world attack Russia, it cannot be conquered. On the other hand, extremely bad relations with Europe and America, lack of marine trade routes, weak democracy, internal rebellions, seeking military solution to every problem are the weaknesses of Russia.


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