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How Powerful is Turkey? Most Powerful Nations on Earth

How powerful is Turkey? In the Islamic world, if one country challenges American imperialism So she is in Turkey. An example of this came to see recently When Turkey breaks diplomatic ties with Israel on the transfer of US embassy in Jerusalem under Israel. Turkey does not have nuclear weapons. But still it is in the world’s big powers. What is the power of the Turkish nation and how powerful is Turkey?

How Powerful is Turkey Most Powerful Nations on Earth

Let’s see. Land area of Turkey is less than Pakistan. In water and population resources Turkey is still behind Pakistan. Despite of that facts, Turkey’s geography is its best strength. It is because Turkey has become the gateway of two very important continents: Europe and Asia. This geography is so important that both Russia and the United States want Turkey to remain in their camp. And Turkey uses its importance very well.

But this geography is also Turkey’s weakness. Because a flood of millions of people who want to go to Europe from Asia every year comes to Turkey. Which creates a major economic challenge for Turkey. Europe expects that Turkey will stop such immigrants. But in reality its impossible for Turkey to stop them, host them or even deport them all. In 2015, the innocent body of body of Alan Kardi shocked the world.

Turkey wants to be a member of the European Union, but its geography is the biggest obstacle to it. Because EU citizens can travel across Europe without a visa. If Turkey becomes a member of EU, millions of immigrants will also be able to enter Europe through Turkey. Therefore, despite the tremendous efforts of Turkey, the EU is reluctant to give Turkey membership. Economically, according to the World Bank, Turkey is the 17th largest economy in the world with GDP $ 863 billion.

Tourism in the Turkish economy is a major part. Every year, more than one million tourists come here. In addition, vehicles, electronics and textile industries have also developed a lot. Turkey’s importance in the military field is even more. Turkey is the 8th largest military force in the world, while Pakistan is the 13th, India 4th and China is 3rd largest military force. Being a member of NATO, no country can directly harm Turkey’s security interests.

How Powerful is Turkey?

How Powerful is Turkey

In doing so, he will also have to fight with the Western military alliance NATO. After the USA, Turkey is the largest military power in NATO, which is 4 million, ten thousand troops. Turkey has a 1,018 fighter jets. She is also manufacturing F-16 jets with the help of the USA. While being a member of the NATO, she will also find US made F-35 fighter jet with stealth technology. But for that, Turkey have to deal with new shift in relations with USA.

Despite US pressure, Turkey is the only member of NATO, which is buying modern missile defense system from Russia. Turkey has also got a great political power due to its geography and vital role in Islamic world. When the USA recognized the Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Turkish President called a meeting of Islamic countries and declared Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine. Turkey’s move won many hearts of Muslim world.

However, despite modern army and economic power, Turkey is also facing problems rapidly. Two of which are very big. The 1st problem is that Turkey’s Kurd minority has started the movement of independence. These Kurds now have their military base in Syria and Iraq near Turkey’s borders. Turkey has taken over the north-occupied Syrian area, and its army has also entered Iraq. Due to this military intervention Turkey is being severely criticized. Turkey’s second biggest problem is bad relations with the EU and America.

is Turkey Most Powerful Nations on Earth

The EU complains to Turkey on actions against Kurdish minority and political opponents. However Turkey’s differences with America are more serious than with EU. In 2016, Turkey blamed US-based cleric Fethullah Gulen for failed bloody coup attempt. That time Fatehullah Golan was a refugee in the United States. Despite Turkey’s demand, US refused to surrender Fatehullah Golan to Turkey.

The accusation also came out that the American air base in Turkey has been used in the military coup. After these incidents, Turkey started to strengthen ties with Russia. Apart from these major issues, Turkey is also facing conflicts with its neighbor Greece on the issue of Cyprus. In 1973 Turkey has occupied some part of Cyprus from Greece.

However, the world does not recognize this occupation. Now the situation is that Turkey is rapidly approaching Russia and Iran. Turkey has also best relations with Pakistan and Qatar. However, relations with Syria, Iraq, Israel, Saudi Arabia and America have become quite tense.

So, Turkey is one of the world’s biggest powers due to its best geographical position, economic development, NATO membership and military power. However, the revolt of the Kurds, the constant tension between the US and Europe The worsening situation of neighboring countries like Iraq and Syria has created major challenges for Turkey.

Most Powerful Nations

Look, let’s tell you the weaknesses and strengths of the world great countries So that we as a Pakistani can learn from these countries. If you want to know about the strengths and weaknesses of the great powers Then click on “Nation Power Series” playlist. To watch the next episode on time Click on the subscribe button and bell icon, to get each update timely. Thanks and many love from Pakistan.

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