How This Pakistani 30-year-old Got a Job at Amazon

Despite severe economic downturns, high crime rates, and unfavourable economic projections, Pakistan’s youth continues to be intelligent and talented. from building enormous startups without assistance to obtaining employment at prestigious firms like Google and Amazon.

Aqsa Mughees, a Pakistani woman who just accepted a position as a project manager at Amazon United States, is a recent example. Aqsa, who was born and raised in Lahore, started looking for a career in February 2022. After submitting applications for several jobs, she was hired by Straumann Group as an associate product manager and relocated to the USA in March.

After working with the Straumann group for around two months, Aqsa started applying for newer companies and went on to apply at Amazon and got shortlisted for the position of ‘product marketing management.

Speaking about her journey, Aqsa said that “I am pretty active on LinkedIn and advise everyone who wants to search for a good opportunity anywhere in the world to take LinkedIn seriously. When I went to the USA, I saw a job opening at Amazon, which aligned with my career, and I applied through their portal.”

After being shortlisted for the interview, Aqsa was scheduled for an interview with Amazon’s hiring manager. “An hour-long interview consisted of relevant experience, the designation I was applying for, and the situational knowledge about the work,” said Aqsa.

The process was a long and tiring one, Aqsa waited in anticipation for another two and a half weeks and received an email that stated that she had been selected for the second interview, this time with the Human resource department. This interview was more of a conversation and helped Aqsa understand the work and culture at Amazon.

Next came the assessment round, where Aqsa had to fill out a two-page response to a question. Once submitted, she was emailed back for the last step of the interview and that was a five-hour long interview. Being in Pakistan at the time, it was difficult for Aqsa to give a straight five-hour interview, so she chose to divide it into two days.

“At the interview, she was questioned by representatives from various departments. A product marketing manager, a business development manager, the head of product marketing, a bar raiser, and a hiring manager made up the team. I was actually ill for the most recent loop interview; I had a headache and a fever, and they asked if I wanted to reschedule. But I made the choice to proceed because I knew I had a few upcoming family obligations. The very next day they came around to talk about the outcome, made an offer, and explained the job.

Aqsa stopped working in 2018 after being married to Zaryab, however she claims that “my mother-in-law encouraged me to continue with my job.”

Her husband Zaryab is also planning a move to the US since he also works for a major tech firm that can shift his job to the US.

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