In Pakistan, an increase in electricity prices of up to 60% is anticipated.

In Pakistan, the following elements could result in an average 60 percent increase in electricity costs over the next few months:

A. Revised Electricity Tariffs & Calculation Methodology from the Ministry of Energy:

For all consumers in Pakistan, the basic tariff electricity prices have increased by up to PKR 7.91 per unit, according to the Ministry of Energy. The slab-based customers’ calculation methods for both commercial and residential buildings have also been updated. The Federal Ministry of Energy’s (Power Division) Satutory Regulatory Order (SRO), which is effective from July to October 2022, states that customers of electricity would suffer gradual tariff rises in keeping with the government’s objective to end subsidies. Depending on how the tariff hikes are administered when they go into force, you might see many items on your account.

B. Increased Fuel Charge Modifications (FCA)

Due to the rise in fuel prices globally and the depreciation of the Pakistani Rupee versus the US dollar, the cost of producing power is increasing. The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) and the Government of Pakistan established a framework wherein changes in fuel prices are immediately passed along to consumers as Fuel Charges Adjustments (FCA). Startup Pakistan advises citizens to consider how these increasing fuel prices would affect their budgets, particularly during the summer months when greater-than-average fuel adjustments are likely to occur until fuel prices globally drop.

Amid these pressing times, it is crucial to ensure responsible usage of electricity to keep your electricity bills affordable for you.

By keeping in mind some crucial advice, such as utilising electric appliances efficiently, such as using air conditioning at 26 degrees, especially after peak hours, avoiding operating heavy appliances during peak hours that are more expensive, utilising daylight as much as possible, and trying to switch to energy efficient equipment like LEDs and inverters where the opportunity arises, you can reduce or at least manage the increase in your electricity bill.

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