In the Philippines, 6 people, including the governor of the central province, were killed

فلپائن میں مرکزی صوبے کے گورنر سمیت 6 افراد قتل

In the latest attack on politicians in the Philippines, a provincial governor and 5 others were killed by unidentified gunmen.

According to the report of news agency AFP, the widow of the slain governor said that her husband was killed and 5 other people were also killed by unknown people in central Philippines.

He said local police said six men dressed in suspected armed forces uniforms armed with rifles entered the governor’s house in Pamplona town and opened fire.

The widow of the slain Governor Ruel Degamo of the province of Negros Oriental in the Philippines said that Ruel and 5 other people were shot dead.

Janice Degamo, herself the mayor of Pamplona, said Governor Degamo did not deserve such a killing, he was serving his constituency.

Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos also condemned the incident, calling the killing of his political ally a ‘political murder’ and warned the perpetrators that they had better surrender.

Ferdinand Marcos said that my government will not rest until the perpetrators of this brutal and heinous incident are brought to justice.

According to the report, the condition of the other 4 people who were injured in the firing incident was not informed.

The provincial police spokesman, Kayam Lopez, said that the murder happened at a time when he was distributing aid in his constituency.

Police said they are looking for 10 suspects, including six armed men who fled the scene in two SUVs and a pickup truck.

The Philippines has a long history of attacks on politicians, and the killing of 56-year-old Digamo is the latest and the third major incident since last year’s local elections.

The Supreme Court had last month declared the slain governor the actual winner of the governorship of Negros Oriental after his rival candidate challenged his victory and called for a recount of votes, who had earlier declared himself the winner. was given

Governor Degamo previously campaigned for the presidential election last year against incumbent President Marcos.

Attacks on politicians in the Philippines include the shooting and wounding of the governor of the southern province of Lenao del Sur in February, Memental Adiong, but his driver and three policemen involved in security were killed in the attack.

Similarly, in February, Rommel Almeida, the vice mayor of the northern town of Apari, and five others were shot dead on a main highway.


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