Kashmir’s First Solar Electric Car is Built by a Math Teacher

The first solar-powered electric vehicle in his region has been constructed by a math teacher in Kashmir.

Ahmad, the originator, lives in Srinagar, the capital of Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IOJK). The 40-year-old math instructor told the reporters that 13 years of arduous work and dedication went into building his automobile.

In 2007, Ahmad earned a degree in civil engineering. According to reports, he read an article in 2009 that underlined the value of electric vehicles (EVs) in a world where conventional fuel is rapidly becoming scarce.

Ahmad claimed that his project’s primary impetus came from the article. In order to complete his idea, he started working on the solar EV in 200 and used online resources as guidance.

DMC Delorean
DMC Delorean Kashmir’s First Solar Electric Car is Built by a Math Teacher

He added that the design of his car is inspired by DMC DeLorean — a famous American car that featured in a classic box office sensation “Back To The Future”. Ahmad further added that his car cost nearly $18,000 (Rs. 4 million) to complete, and that he hired a team of 10 to 15 men to help him complete the project.

Ahmad stated that he was surprised by the positive reception that his creation received. He has received appreciation and awards from the masses, journalists, as well as key figures of the government.

An Indian tech-guru Anand Mahindra also offered Ahmad the opportunity to expand his venture to a commercial level. Ahmad stated that he seeks to offer his product for the greater good, adding that he is gradually progressing towards that goal.

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