Malala practices her speech with Afghan student ahead of the UN General Assembly session

Malala Yousafzai practising her speech with Afghan girl Somaya Faruqi. — Instagram

Ahead of her address at the United Nations General Assembly session in New York, Malala is seen practising her speech with Somaya Faruqi, an Afghan student and engineer.

Taking to Instagram, the 25-year-old activist’s organisation Malala Fund — which is working for education globally — shared a photo of Malala with Somaya practising their speeches together.

“The sweetest practice session ahead of today’s #UNGeneralAssembly ✨” the caption read.

The post further read introduced Somaya stating that she will speak in front of world leaders, along with Malala, Vanessa Nakate, and Ukrainian student Yelizaveta Posivynch, and “highlight the barriers that keep girls from learning”.

“For Somaya what’s most important is that the leaders in the room, who have influence, don’t make Afghan girls ‘a victim of global politics,” the caption added.

Malala will address the Leader’s Day of the Transforming Education Summit at the UN session where she, along with other activists working for education, will be raising pertinent issues facing the youth and school-going children across the world.

The summit, according to the UN, is “convened in response to a global crisis in education — one of equity and inclusion, quality and relevance”.

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