Oman to Invest $ 2.3 Billion in 1087 Km Railway Line from Jacobabad to Gwadar

Omani investors expressed interest in funding Pakistan’s power and railway infrastructure development projects.

In Islamabad, Chaudhary Salik Hussain, Minister for the Board of Investment, met with a team of Omani investors led by Dr. Anwar Al Balushi of Al Anvwar Asian Investments to exchange ideas on potential investments.

Investors expressed a strong interest in the construction of the 1,087-kilometer rail route from Gwadar to Jacobabad, Sindh, in accordance with the contract proposal.

Anvwar Asia Investment Company, a well-known global leader in project finance facilitation, and Pakistan Railways inked a memorandum of agreement at the start of this year.

Railcop provided assistance with a project feasibility report.

Abdul Qadeer

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