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Pak Suzuki Prices in 2020 Increase For the 4th Time

Pak Suzuki Prices in 2020 Increase For the 4th Time

After the local currency depreciated, Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) followed Atlas Honda and Yamaha in raising the prices of its motorcycles.

This is the fourth price increase PSMC has announced for its bikes this year. The new ex-factory costs for PSMC bikes as of August 1 are as follows:

ModelOld Price (Rs.)New Price (Rs.)Increase (Rs.)
GS-150 SE256,000271,00015,000

Suzuki’s GD 110S, GS 150, GS 150SE, and GR 150 all had starting prices of Rs. 199,000, Rs. 215,000, Rs. 232,000, and Rs. 315,000, respectively, at the beginning of 2022. This indicates that costs have increased this year by up to Rs. 50,000. Last year, PSMC increased bike costs four times. Suzuki bike costs increased by up to Rs. 28,000 between January and December 2021.

Due to the bike industry’s recurrent price increases over the past two years, two-wheelers are now out of the price range for the majority of purchasers. The bike sector, in particular, deserves the government’s attention because of this problem.

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