Pakistani First Woman to Summit 5 of World’s Tallest Peaks

Naila Kiani from Pakistan accomplished a remarkable feat by successfully reaching the top of Mount Everest while proudly waving her country’s flag. This significant achievement makes her the second Pakistani woman to conquer the world’s tallest mountain after Samina Baig achieved the same feat in 2013.

At precisely 8:02 am, Naila Kiani reached the awe-inspiring height of 8,849 meters at the summit of Mount Everest, solidifying her position as a highly skilled and resilient mountaineer. In addition to her achievement on Mount Everest, Naila Kiani has also scaled four other eight-thousanders, which are mountains that exceed an elevation of 8,000 meters. These outstanding feats include Annapurna I in Nepal, K2, Gasherbrum I, and Gasherbrum II.

Despite being a mother of two and a dedicated banker in Dubai, Naila Kiani has persevered and demonstrated her passion for mountaineering. Undeterred by her extraordinary accomplishments so far, she has set her sights on a new goal during her current expedition in Nepal, which is to conquer Lhotse. This imposing mountain stands at a towering height of 8,516 meters and is the fourth tallest peak in the world.


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