In the USA, Pakistani students were awarded Fulbright scholarships.

United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan (USEFP) has given Fulbright scholarships to 189 Pakistani students to pursue advanced study and research at prestigious U.S. universities in an effort to promote educational and cultural interchange between the US and Pakistan.

In the USA, Pakistani students were awarded Fulbright scholarships.

According to a news release recently released by the U.S. embassy in Islamabad, the grantees will begin their academic careers at 82 universities in a variety of subjects, including social sciences, energy management, and environmental studies.

Pakistan has the largest Fulbright scholarship programme in the world, with the U.S. government paying $18.44 million this year to help 189 students.

This year, 189 students participated in USEFP’s 2-day pre-departure orientation workshop in Islamabad to prepare for their travels, exchange programmes, campus life, and American culture. Donald Blome, the American ambassador, praised the grantees for their accomplishments.

introduced new programmes that solved social issues, drafted new legislation, promoted policies to guarantee everyone has equal access to the political process, and much more.

Furthermore, everything was done to make Pakistan a better, safer, and more successful country. According to Ambassador Blome, the Unified States and Pakistan are united in this goal.

With participants from 47 public and private universities representing all regions of Pakistan, the 2022 Fulbright is one of the biggest ever for Pakistan.

Travel, stipends for living, health insurance, and tuition costs are all covered by the scholarship throughout the whole study period.

In the last 20 years, 2568 Pakistanis have received these scholarships.

While Pakistanis profit from the contributions made to these scholarships when the country’s top students returned with all of their new knowledge and experience, Americans benefit from the experience and insight of Pakistan’s brightest scholars.

According to Ambassador Blome, the fact that almost 2,000 Fulbright alumni are employed in Pakistan demonstrates the value of these scholarships as an investment and as a means of fostering intercultural understanding.

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