Punjab University seniors forced freshmen to strip in front of girls.

Punjab University seniors forced freshmen to strip in front of girls.

Ragging is an early tradition in many societies, including student communities. Its main purpose was to create a sense of unity and bonding among group members and to force them to undergo a series of challenges or tasks that were often humiliating or embarrassing.

However, over time, the practice of ragging has become harmful and disgusting, with many reported cases of physical, emotional, and psychological violence. In many countries, ragging is now illegal and banned because of the negative effects it can have on individuals and the community as a whole.

Ragging continues unabated in educational institutions in Pakistan. In one such incident, freshers at Punjab University were subjected to ragging and as part of it, they were forced to do objectionable work.

According to reports, senior students of the university’s fine arts department pressured junior students to strip naked during ragging sessions. To make matters worse, he was asked to do so in front of his female classmates.

Apart from this, junior women were also harassed and humiliated by the seniors. They blew cigarette smoke on their faces. They searched his bag without permission and paraded his personal belongings.

On the other hand, Punjab University spokesperson Khurram Shahzad rejected these reports and claimed that neither such incident was reported nor any student complained of ragging.


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