Starlink Announces New ‘Global’ Satellite Internet Package

Starlink global

Priced at $200, the Starlink Global Internet package will allow users to use Starlink Internet almost anywhere in the world.

Starlink, one of the most popular satellite internet companies in the world, has finally announced the launch of its global internet package, which allows its customers to use Starlink internet from anywhere in the world. will give.

So far Starlink has offered the Starlink Roam service in regional access mode, which restricts customers to using their Starlink internet in a specific location for a monthly subscription of just $150.

However, from now on Starlink customers will be able to avail the Starlink global internet package in all its available countries, for a monthly subscription price of $200.

What makes Starlink globally special is that it can easily provide internet in places where there are usually no mobile services, let alone a proper internet connection. So yes, Starlink Global will now make it possible for you to enjoy a vacation in a remote area while staying connected to the Internet.

Before officially launching Starlink Global, the company conducted various tests to test the internet functionality.

To get StarLink Internet, customers will have to pay the standard $599 for their hardware fee, along with the monthly payment for their respective Internet plan.


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