State Bank of Pakistan (SBOP)

Recently, the International Monetary Fund lent the State Bank of Pakistan $1.16 billion (IMF).

SBP released a statement stating that the IMF had granted a loan of $1.16 billion in the seventh and eighth reviews. which the central bank has now received.

“The IMF Board has approved the renewal of our EFF programme,” Miftah Ismail tweeted. The seventh and eighth tranches of $1.17 billion should soon be arriving.

However, the IMF Executive Board’s decision to postpone Pakistan’s loan programme caused the volume to increase from $6 billion to $6.5 billion.

While an immediate disbursement of SDR 894 million (about $1.1 billion) has been approved by the board decision. which, according to a statement, brings the total expenditures for the budget support under an agreement to nearly US$3.9 billion.

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