Tabish Hashmi Under Fire For Trolling Minal Khan

Stand-up comedian Tabish Hashmi is renowned for being extremely skilled at what he does. His incomparable wit and humour have caused many people to laugh out loud. Currently, Hashmi is presenting a few talk shows. He most recently invited Hina Altaf and Agha to his show.

Tabish Hashmi Under Fire For Trolling Minal Khan

Tabish brought up Minal Khan’s flagrant theft of Kylie Jenner’s Instagram story throughout their conversation. The comedian and cum host continued to make fun of Minal. Agha and Hina, however, remained mute and refrained from making any comments about the situation.

The clip of Tabish trolling Minal Khan went viral and netizens weren’t quite happy about it. The keyboard warriors criticized Tabish Hashmi for cracking lame jokes. Also, they appreciated Hina and Agha for not becoming a part of his derogatory remarks.

A well-known stand-up comedian from Pakistan named Tabish Hashmi is well-known for hosting a number of comedy programmes. After “TBH,” Tabish is now hosting the Geo News programme “Hasna Mana Hai.”

After beginning his career with the stand-up comedy show The Laughing Stock, Tabish Hashmi went on to host the conversation show To Be Honest with various guests on Nashpati Prime, which was created and directed by Azfar Ali. Videos for amusement were created by Nashpati Prime and posted on their YouTube account. In his show, Hashmi has conducted interviews with a variety of famous people from the entertainment industry.

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