News Opens A Cutting-Edge Warehouse in Islamabad

The online publication has begun operating in Islamabad. The healthtech startup’s new fulfilment facility was constructed with state-of-the-art equipment to serve consumers in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and the surrounding areas.

The fulfilment centre in Islamabad is conveniently situated a few kilometres from Rawalpindi, Hasan Abdal, and Taxila. It is constructed with the storage capacity to service thousands of consumers each day.

Islamabad is now the third centre of operations for the healthtech business, which has recently began operations in Lahore and Karachi. With numerous warehouses strategically positioned in the three largest cities of the nation, strives to transform healthcare by offering its clients only genuine medications.

The company hopes to provide its customers in the north with a warehouse that is ready to handle thousands of orders per day by assigning specialist personnel to manage operations at the fulfilment centre.

The fulfilment centre in Islamabad, which was constructed using modern techniques, provides storage facilities for pharmaceutical products, including cold chain and temperature-controlled medications. The facility was designed with safety measures and upholds strict standards for cleanliness. Given the size of the business, the warehouse has everything it needs to serve customers in and around Islamabad.

The CEO, Asad Khan, Co-founder, Saad Khawar, and General Manager, Bilal Uddin Khan, tour the facility and discuss the ideas that went into starting the operations in a video released by to announce the announcement. Here’s a peek at it:

Leading health-tech firm began operating in September 2020 and has since served tens of thousands of consumers around Pakistan. They have made significant investments in creating a replicable infrastructure, including custom-built warehouses, a technological stack geared at just-in-time drug inventory, and a logistics system powered by AI.

The startup has received the highest health-tech funding in Pakistan with a $11.5 million pre-series A deal. Following Islamabad, wants to expand its activities all over Pakistan.

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