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The first local startup to participate in the Global EdTech Boom

At their most basic level, learning and education are processes that have not altered since the birth of civilization. A person or group of individuals makes a discovery or realization, judges it to be important information, and then imparts it to others. The ability to access teachers and learning resources from outside borders, however, has changed throughout time.

Francis Galton, a British scientist, made a useful conclusion that in 1907, he founded the Eugenics Education Civilization of London, which set forth a philosophy that prevented the overbreeding of the less fit and retained the best residents solely to compete with Victorian society.

Many education experts agree that this is a continual application of Darwin’s idea of “Survival of the Fittest.” It’s safe to assume that throughout human history, those who were quick to adapt had more opportunities to grow into successful individuals.

Similar to this, technological advancements have widened access to knowledge and tools that have improved people’s capacity for learning and adaptation. If you want to master a skill, from academics to lifestyle, you should get involved in the EdTech explosion.

With a 95% student satisfaction score specifically among CIE O/A level & IGCSE students who find Valeem an immensely beneficial platform as a reliable tuition provider, Valeem has excelled in its mission to provide quality education for students’ convenience.

Dynamic elements like free trial classes, adaptable scheduling, and group interactions are to blame for this. In order to select or change tutors based on their knowledge, students are allowed to take one free trial lesson from each instructor as well as several trial courses from other teachers.

Having said that, Valeem helps students save money on their commutes and attend lectures in a relaxing setting.

Additionally, because Valeem offers variable times as agreed upon with the appropriate instructor, it has helped students better balance their schooling with all of their extracurricular activities, making time management much simpler than previously.

Valeem even provides an academic counselor who maintains constant touch with the student and teachers to address any difficulties as quickly as possible in order to prevent any disturbances.

And to top it all off, Valeem doesn’t charge a membership fee! Any student can register for a free account and use the demonstrations. They won’t have to pay until they actually buy a course, which guarantees satisfaction and safe online transactions.

However, thanks to the well-known instructors that work at this tuition institution, pupils get to learn from the finest while continuing to study the rest.

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