The price of gasoline is increased by the government by Rs2.07 per litre, reaching Rs. 236.

The federal government recently announced that the price of gasoline would increase by Rs2.07/ltd. for the first 15 days of September, according to a statement from the Finance Division.

According to the price revisions, a litre of gasoline would now cost Rs235.98.

The price of high-speed diesel was also ordered to increase by Rs2.99; as a result, the price would now be Rs247.43 a litre.

Whereas, after an increment in price of Rs 9.79 per litre, light diesel oil will now be available at Rs201.54.

As per the statement issued, the new price of kerosene oil has been fixed at Rs210.32 per litre after a raise of Rs10.92/litre.

However, the new prices would be effective from 1 September.

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