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The Story Deepens: European Ambassador Imported Stolen Bentley in Karachi

Spectators and the general public are interested in reports that a stolen Bentley Mulsanne has been found in Pakistan. Details indicate that a stolen Bentley Mulsanne from the UK has been found in DHA, Karachi.

According to a recent allegation, a Bulgarian envoy stationed in Islamabad acquired the opulent limousine from the UK in 2019. A Bulgarian representative named H. E. Aleksandar Borisov Parashkevov had the vehicle registered in his name.

Jameel Shafi and broker Naveed Bilwani have been detained by the excise department; they have identified Navaid Yamin and another unidentified person as the primary offenders.

The scribe adds that the customs department had tried to seize the vehicle once before, but failed due to intervention from the Bulgarian embassy.

The embassy told the foreign ministry that the vehicle was being used by “service staff” and hadn’t been sold to anyone, denying the customs dept. the jurisdiction to take action against the suspect car. The service staff in question is Navaid Yamin.

The vehicle was registered in the name of the Bulgarian ambassador, Parashkevov, and the embassy informed the ministry that it had granted Yamin permission to use it. According to a formal statement:

As of 2019, Navaid Yamin served as the mission’s service personnel in accordance with Act IX of the 1972 Act Concerning Diplomatic and Consular Privileges. The importation of diplomatic goods from outside is just one of the many services that he [Yamin] offers to our embassy in Islamabad. He also performs similar services there. As his employer, we have given him permission to utilise our Mulsanne V8.

According to reports, the customs office obtained the information from a “friend country’s agency,” which has aided in restarting the action.

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