The Web3 industry is rewarding to work in because to rising demand and limited supply; here’s how you may benefit from it.

Are you capable of creating Web 3 applications and instructing others on how to do the same? So you may take advantage of the restricted Web3 learning chances. Let’s examine how.

Web3 has acquired support from investors who have actively given resources to web3 and decentralisation initiatives over the past two years, the majority of which have proven to be tremendous achievements. It is sometimes referred to as the “world’s internet revolution.” However, now that these concepts and businesses have developed to a significant level, they require more staff members—and not just any staff members, but professionals who are competent in web3 development and who comprehend the motivations behind the technology.

Since most of the world wasn’t really prepared for such sudden arrival and popularity, Web3 has still remained a difficult topic for many developers, and they face difficulties when developing a Web3 product.

With Web3 companies actively demanding employees, and the world having a big shortage of them, salaries have skyrocketed. Web3 engineers in the US are earning somewhere around $150,000 to $400,000+ per year. Now these are massive salaries, almost double than what a Web2 engineer would earn.

Such high demands and massive salaries have lured many Web2 developers to upskill themselves and elevate their careers. However, being busy in part-time jobs and limited learning opportunities makes it difficult for them to focus on learning Web3, now this is where your business opportunity steps in;

The Perfect Business Opportunity for all

These Web2 developers frequently look for freelancing Web3 work but struggle to get any since they are having issues understanding Web3. What you could do is create a Web3 learning platform or portal that enables Web2 engineers to access both content that will aid their Web3 learning and freelance Web3 projects.

While video lectures and freelancing can be excellent sources of income, more sources can be developed through activities like hiring, sponsorships, and hackathons.

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