Top Beautiful Hotel in Skardu for Stay in 2022

The most beautiful area Pakistan’s northern region has to offer is, without a doubt, Skardu. In Skardu, many hotels have been constructed to house visitors and offer cuisine. Several of the hotels are run by the government, but the majority are privately owned.

Top Beautiful Hotel in Skardu for Stay in 2022

You might inquire about the top hotels in Skardu if you’re considering visiting Pakistan’s Skardu, which serves as the Baltistan region’s capital.

To help you choose the perfect place to stay, we’ve created this helpful guide of Skardu’s top hotels.

Your trip to Skardu will be more memorable if you stay in the hotel you deserve. We really, really hope you like it!

Beautiful Hotel in Skardu for Stay in 2022 ( Best Hotal Skardu )

  • Shangri-La Hotel and Resort
  • Himalaya Hotel Skardu
  • Mountain Lodge Holiday Home
  • Candela resort
  • Tibet Motel Skardu
  • Skardu One Hotel
  • Brangsa Inn Skardu
  • Hotel Mashabrum Skardu
  • Khadin resort and view point
  • Snow Land Palace Skardu
  • GraceLand Hotel Skardu
  • Skardu Baltistan Continental Hotel

Shangri-La Hotel and Resort Beautiful On 1 Hotel Skardu

Unquestionably, the Shangri-La Hotel Skardu is among your best possibilities. One of Skardu’s top five-star hotels is this one. The hotel’s large guest rooms come equipped with modern amenities including flat-screen TVs, DVD players, and in-room minibars in addition to offering panoramic views.

They offer individually controlled air conditioning units to keep you cool at night and warm blankets during the day so you can rest after a long day of admiring Skardu’s natural beauty.

Your vacation will be everything you want it to be thanks to Shangri-La Resort’s numerous on-site amenities and services.

Visitors have access to a variety of recreational options, including an indoor pool, an outdoor pool, and a fully supplied fitness centre.

Himalaya Hotel Skardu

Himalaya Hotel Skardu

This hotel is undoubtedly for you if you’re looking for a low-cost option in Skardu with a stunning view. One of those remarkable hotels that distinguishes out for its skilled and welcoming personnel, classic organic orchards, and lush grounds is the Skardu Hotel Himalayas.

This hotel is beloved by both local and international guests because of its highly skilled staff, prompt services, lush outside grounds, garden, and numerous fruit orchards.

One can live a quite comfortable life with it, and it is fairly easy on the wallet. The stunning design of the Skardu Hotel Himalayas draws visitors each year.

They gain from loyal, repeat customers who are more willing to trust them with their lodging and dining needs.

Mountain Lodge Holiday Home

Five-star hotel The Mountain Lodge Holiday Home provides an incredibly high level of comfort in each of its rooms. There are just 13 guest rooms, therefore all staff members are on hand to offer individualised service.

Beautiful views can be enjoyed from the apartments’ private balconies, and those looking to unwind can visit the spa or massage area.

Breakfast is consistently complimentary at Mountain Lodge Holiday Home. You are welcome to consume as much of the delicious buffet-style food as you like.

For those who want to check their emails or browse the web while they eat, there are computer stations available, and guests are provided with free wifi access throughout their whole stay.

Candela resort

There are several resorts in Skardu, including the Candela Resort. The Skardu Valley’s most well-known resort is without a doubt this one. For visitors and tourists, this resort provides a variety of resources.

Skardu’s city centre is where you’ll find the Candela Resort. The resort, which has a 360-degree view of Skardu City, is situated on Satpara Road.

Additionally, visitors are given access to a terrace as well as free WiFi and parking.

Each guest room in the inn has a flat-screen TV and a couch bed. The private bathroom includes a shower, slippers, and free amenities.

Tibet Motel Skardu

On one side of the lake is the Tiber Motel Skardu, while on the other is the Shangri-La Resort. On the other side of the lake, at the Tiber Motel Skardu, which provides the same amenities and ambiance, you may stay for a somewhat higher cost.

By automobile, the distance between this hotel and the airport and Skardu centre is only 20 minutes. It is thus among the closest and most accessible hotels in the market that also offers top-notch services.

The value-added services You may quickly and easily travel to other well-known tourist attractions, such as Upper Kachura and Upper Kachura Lake, while staying at this hotel.

Skardu One Hotel

If you want to spend your money wisely while staying in a high-quality, pleasant hotel, Hotel one Skardu is one of your finest options. It is conveniently accessible from any part of town and is close to China Gate and Hussaini Village.

Whether you want to go swimming or watch your favourite TV show, there are always options for entertainment close by. This hotel is recommended for guests who want comfort and value without compromising on quality.

Here, a friendly staff will provide you with excellent service. The Skardu One Hotel is the best choice if you want to spend less money and still have a nice stay and excellent service. Everything about it demonstrates how valuable it is.

Brangsa Inn Skardu

The Brangsa Inn Skardu is not just a cheap motel; it is the total package of fun and excitement. It is conveniently located in Batolik, a short drive from Lake Skardu. Numerous outdoor activities are available there, such as caving, mountain biking, rock climbing, mountaineering, and ski touring.

Visitors can also enjoy scrumptious meals and rich desserts in the hotel’s restaurant. Additionally, Brangsa Inn includes an internet café where guests can shop online. This family-run hotel provides comfortable accomodation options for visitors to Pakistan.

Their guest rooms are tastefully furnished with modern comforts including cable television with satellite channels and air conditioning for further comfort and relaxation.

Khadin resort and view point

Accommodations at the two-star Khadin Resort & View Point in Ponedas have their own balconies. This place has room service, a terrace, and a restaurant. Private parking can be offered at an extra cost.

Each hotel room has a flat-screen TV and a seating area. The private bathroom includes a shower, slippers, and free amenities. The guest rooms all have closets. Visitors to the Khadin Resort & View Point can enjoy a continental breakfast.

Snow Land Palace Skardu

Snow Land Palace, one of Skardu’s best hotels, is ideally situated adjacent to Tilla Charouni (the famous lake).

For those looking for inexpensive hotel in Skardu, Snow Land Palace is an excellent choice. This area has a lot of lakes, and there is a lot of beautiful greenery all around. Because the hotel is positioned atop a small hill, many of the rooms enjoy views of beautiful outdoor areas.

Skardu Baltistan Continental Hotel

The Skardu Baltistan Continental Hotel, one of the most well-known accommodations in the area, is located on Rama Road about a kilometre from the Astore Bus Stop. It has a huge kitchen where it provides delectable regional food like grilled mutton and choormas.

The rooms are cosy and immaculate, and they have cable TV and hot running water. If you want to stay in touch while travelling, you may even use the on-site internet café. There is surely something worthy of your time and attention.


This article was all about the top hotels in Skardu for 2022.

Skardu has a wide selection of hotels that are ideal for any journey, whether it’s for business, for a family holiday, a weekend getaway, or a get-together with friends. Are you looking for a five-star hotel in the centre of Skardu with a spa, free WiFi, and a pool?

Could it be a pet-friendly hotel or daycare centre? All that is left for you to do is pack your bags and enjoy Skardu since you will always get the best bargains.

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