Zoom Fired President ‘Greg Tomb’ Without Reason


Greg Tomb took over as president in June 2022 and has been active in handling earnings calls and sales.

Video conferencing platform Zoom has just reportedly fired its president, Greg Tomb. Zoom’s regulatory filing details that the president’s appointment was terminated “without cause.”

Joining in 2022, Greg Tomb is a former Google executive with over 20 years of experience in the tech field. After joining the company as president in June, Tomb was actively involved in the revenue calls and sales department.

Speaking about the sudden departure of Zoom’s president, a spokesperson revealed that the company is not currently looking for Tomb’s replacement.

Eric Yuan, founder and CEO of Zoom, expressed great enthusiasm for Mr. Tombs’ return as president in 2022, saying, “Greg is a highly respected leader in the technology industry and deserves critical attention. Has deep experience helping companies scale at the turn.” On joining the team, Mr Tomb said he would help the company ‘by driving growth’.

While the goals were lofty, the video conferencing platform faced some grim realities in 2023, as the demand bubble created by the COVID-19 pandemic began to burst. Faced with losses due to declining demand, Zoom, like many other companies, had to lay off large numbers of its employees.

“We haven’t taken as much time as we should have to thoroughly analyze our teams or assess whether we’re making sustainable growth, top priorities,” Yuan said, announcing a 15% reduction in workforce. by the”.

Gaining a large number of users during the pandemic, Zoom became the industry leader among many other video conferencing platforms. However, now that demand has fallen, the company will need to make some quick decisions to survive among more powerful players like Google Mate, Microsoft Teams and Slack.


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